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Lean & Green Meals

Nutritionally balanced eating can be a challenge in so many ways!

Do you need help finding meals that are nutritionally balanced, healthy, low in calories and full of veggies? Maybe you are growing tired of adding greens to your smoothies or snacking on plain raw veggie sticks. I too, go through phases like these, but more often than not my eating depends on time constraints, being on the go, and my second full-time job -

Mom Taxi.

A colleague and I have put together a program we call Lean & Green Meals. We have combined our favorite recipes (yes, things we REALLY eat). Both of us are busy fitness professionals insistent of being directly aware of what is going into our bodies at any given time. We also put effort into fueling our bodies properly.

These recipes are strategically planned and tweaked for the optimum health of anyone trying to be healthy, active and fit.

Having said that, it is important to note that we are a couple of NORMAL people (for the most part). So as fun as it might be for us to experiment with unique and strange new healthy foods and fads on our own time, you WON’T find any weird and wild concoctions like tofu nuggets with Dragon Berry Sauce in these recipes! What you will find in this program are normal and “popular” foods made healthy. Pizza, Tacos, Lasagna, Dessert, etc. Foods that you want to eat but think you can’t. We have included tons of healthy food swaps and lightened up everyday favorites.

These recipes are simple and designed for people with busy lifestyles who do not have the luxury of all day cooking. Most of them are 2 servings (so you can save one for another meal om a different day) but they can all easily be doubled, tripled, or cooked in large batches to suit your specific needs.

If you are looking for ideas, look no further. Get LEAN. Eat GREEN (lots of veggies). Feel GREAT!

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