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man doing mobility stretch

Personalized Mobility

Feeling chronic stiffness, pain or limited range of motion in a particular body part? Or maybe all over? Mobility training can help that!


Mobility is similar to yoga, however the movements are more repetitious as opposed to holding poses. Mobility also focuses on increasing strength in the entire range of motion of any particular joint, not just muscle flexibility. It takes a few minutes to do and can be done daily, weekly or to your own preference. The most commons areas of concern are back and hips.


This option includes a one on one in-person or virtual session to determine your flexibility and mobility needs. Afterwards a personalized mobility video will be provided to you!


"I am a 74-year-old woman and felt my body stiffening up. I also have a problem with my right foot and had to give up my daily walk for a while. I needed to do something with my body!

When I started this stretching routine, the left side of my body had been overcompensating for my right foot injury and my body was in pain. My hips were aching for the first time in my life. After the very first day of my mobility program I started feeling better. I have a bad back but this sequence has not bothered it at all. I am so excited.

In my second week I started to do it twice a day. The best part is that it's fun to do! It moves along smoothly without to many repetitions.

Thanks Jackie!! I feel like I'm getting my body back."


Washougal, WA

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