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Having a personal trainer 3-5 times a week can cost you hundreds!! With my online training option you have the flexibility to workout on your own schedule with a more affordable price tag. You get the one-on-one support, expertise and programming without breaking the bank. And I am here for you every step of the way!

$99.00/month USD includes:

  • My custom training app where workouts will be delivered right to your phone.

  • 4-5 scheduled workouts, changing each month.

  • The ability to ‘check in’ to all of your workouts so I can track your efforts.

  • Video and written descriptions of all exercises I prescribe to you.

  • The ability to message me anytime with questions or concerns.

  • Your own progress picture gallery for tracking.

  • Stats upload: keep track of your measurements and weigh-ins.

  • No long term commitment.

  • Food and macro tracking.

  • A nutritional guidance packet including sample meal plans.

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