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What are therapeutic peptides?

Peptides are biological compounds made up of two or more amino acids. The human body naturally produces a  variety of peptides as part of our normal bodily function and regulation. However, as we age the production of these peptides decreases.


When peptide production decreases, our cellular processes suffer and become inefficient. Other factors that can cause the decrease in peptide production include:

  • Dietary (GMO and processed foods)

  • Environmental stressors and contaminants such as EDC’s (endocrine disrupting chemicals)

  • Mental or physical changes.

Peptides are not the same as proteins. Proteins are larger and normally do not rearrange into different structures spontaneously. Because peptides are able to chemically rearrange, they are able to help the body heal itself and can treat an abundance of acute or chronic conditions. Adding peptides back into your body begins healing on a cellular level. This is because peptides mimic our natural cellular behavior. As a result, they can potentially target specific problems with little to no side effects.  

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