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Peptides: The Future of Optimized Healthcare

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

A bottle of Peptide amino acids

What are peptides?

Peptides are short chain amino acid combinations. However, they differ greatly from proteins. Proteins are larger and have over 50 amino acids. Peptides are not new! They have been used in medicine for the past 100 years. The first peptide for health and wellness was insulin.

What are peptides used for?

Peptides are therapeutics used to treat numerous conditions and may be the key to:

Fat loss


Muscle gain

Healing Joint & tissue injuries

Boosting energy levels

Supporting healthy mood

Improving sleep

Increasing recovery

Treating chronic inflammation


How are Peptides administered?

Every peptide has an optimal delivery method. Some of them should be injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously and some can be taken as a nasal spray or a pill.

Why the sudden hype?

People have used peptides for a wide variety of health purposes for decades. Only recently has it been making headlines. This is due to the results of clinical studies showing that peptides are non-toxic to healthy cells, can drastically impact overall health and wellbeing, even so far as to kill tumor cells.

Because peptides have little to no side effects, they are perhaps too competitive with pharmaceutical drugs. I always say, there is no profit in a healthy body. Existing revenue streams could be greatly affected by therapeutic peptides, as such certain measures are taken to avoid them becoming widespread.

When possible, peptides should be sourced from a doctor and a compounding pharmacy. However, that is becoming more and more difficult to do as peptides become more restricted. If you choose to buy online, it is important that you purchase from a reputable research company that manufactures peptides in a sterile environment.

Where to buy peptides?

LimitlessLifeNootropics is my official recommendation. They take great care and caution in their manufacturing process. Lab quality reports are provided. I use these myself and the results are wonderful.

Use code ROCKFIT for 15% off your order.

And if you would like a one-one-one consultation on how to use peptides for your goals, you can book that with me as well.

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