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Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

Creating healthy eating habits is not an easy task. Once you make the decision to do so, the work essentially begins in the grocery store. Here are a few ways you can make healthier choices to facilitate positive habits while you grocery shop.

1. Order groceries online

Do you have all the willpower in the world until you walk right by the fresh baked muffins, or salty snack aisle? I know that problem... all too well. That’s why online shopping and curbside pickup is my personal favorite way to avoid pitfalls. Simply avoid the situation for the win! Most stores that offer online shopping will usually create a favorite list for you, then on subsequent orders you can easily re-order without even scrolling across something off-limits on your screen!

2. shop mostly on the outer perimeter of the store

The outer perimeter usually includes the FRESH foods; produce, meat, dairy, etc. This helps us avoid the processed foods like chips and cookies, likely found in the middle aisles.

3. Never shop hungry!

We are humans bound by desire and instinct. When we walk into a grocery store hungry, we are not going to make wise choices. Even those with the strongest willpower will find themselves overcome by temptation! Make sure you schedule your shopping at a time when your belly is satisfied and you are well hydrated. This will result in much better choices and you won’t be setting yourself up to fail.

4. Make a meal plan for the week before you hit the market

Make a detailed list based off of a few or several meals. Make sure your meals include at least one serving of vegetables and plan accordingly, so that you cook your fresh foods first and perhaps save the frozen produce for later on in the week when you have run out of fresh veggies.

5. Stick to the list

Yes, this is very basic, but it works. Do not buy anything that is not on your list. This will be a life saver when you do have to venture into the “middle aisles.”

Stay focused on your goals, try new types of whole foods, and learn to enjoy the process as your body becomes healthy and full of energy. If you need help with meal planning or recipe ideas with shopping lists, message me for more information!

Happy shopping!

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