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8 Tricep & Bicep Exercises You Can Do At Home

Short on time? Traveling for work? Have a long list of reasons why you can’t make it to the gym? Or maybe you simply aren’t a gym rat but you want nicely sculpted arms!? I will show you the best tricep exercises and the best bicep exercises you can do at home using little to no equipment. My clients use these same exercises from the comfort of their own living rooms to get real results.

First, I will discuss some simple bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere to effectively target your tri’s and bi’s.

Tricep Press

This is my personal favorite tricep exercise. Why? Because you can perform it anywhere with zero equipment and progress it with resistance if desired. This is one of the best tricep exercises for strength. It also lights your core on fire! And who doesn’t want a little bit of extra attention in the mid-section?

1-Start by getting into a plank position and walk your feet back until your hands are well in front of your shoulders. This position is also known as a Superman Plank.

2-Slowly lower yourself toward the ground by bending your elbows. Maintain the plank position.

3-Once your elbows lightly touch the ground, reverse the motion, pressing through your hands to push yourself back up. NOTE: This movement can be modified by starting on the knees, or on an incline (like a counter or coffee table), but be sure to maintain that Superman Plank position throughout.


These are one of the most common exercises to work triceps and can easily be performed on a kitchen chair or staircase. They can be very effective if performed correctly, and can be progressed to more difficult variations.

1-Start by facing your fingers pointing away from you laterally (wrists will be facing your hips). Keep your torso close to the chair or surface you are pressing against so that your shoulders are not in a compromised angle. Shoulders should be retracted (rolled back and down).

2-Bend your elbows, lowing your bodyweight and press into your hands to return to the starting position. This movement can be performed using bands or weights for added resistance, or by elevating the feet to move more bodyweight.

Triangle Push-ups

A challenging but effective exercise when it comes to tricep exercises without weights. Should you need to modify this movement, try placing your hands on an elevated surface such as an end table, rather than performing it on your knees.

1-Place your hands close together making a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers.

2-Keep your elbows behind you and lower yourself toward the ground, pressing into your hands to return to the starting position. Keep your shoulders away from your ears, and retracted as to limit them from rolling forward.

Towel Curls

Yes, it looks a little silly, but they are one of the easiest body weight bicep exercises to do if you have absolutely zero fitness equipment. All you need is a towel (a belt or strap would work too).

1-Wrap the towel around your knee.

2- using an outside grip, curl your leg toward your chest. Do not use your leg or hip flexor muscles to assist you. If you need more of a challenge, resist the curl by pressing your shin toward the floor. This movement can be performed for repetitions or as a timed or max isometric hold (squeeze and hold at the top).

Next, I will show you how you can use some affordable fitness products to enhance your at-home arm workouts and continually challenge yourself with limited equipment. To advance any of the following exercises, a dumbbell can be used along with the resistance bands (shown) to provide increased force. This is a great way to utilize lighter weight dumbbells that you may have outgrown.

Miniband Kickbacks

Do not underestimate the burn of these little guys!!! They are performed using small loop bands. This exercise will work one arm at a time.

1-Grab one end of the band with each hand and place one hand at the opposite shoulder.

2-Bend forward at the hips creating a flat back, knees will be slightly bent. Core will be tight, and the working arm will be pressing in toward the side of the torso.

3- Without moving at the shoulder joint, just the elbow, press the hand behind you until your arm is straight and near parallel with the floor.

4-Control the movement to return to the starting position.

Banded Extensions

This exercise requires a longer resistance band with or without handles, and is performed one arm at a time.

1-Simply step on the band with one or both feet and press the band upwards, keeping the elbow from flaring too far away from the head.

2-Perform each arm individually, adjusting the resistance as needed by foot placement on the band.

Banded Skull-Crushers

These are a great challenge, and your arms will feel them later!

1-Begin by looping a long band around a stationary object.

2-Lie on the floor and grab the band with palms facing upward.

3-Keeping constant tension on the band, start from a bent elbow position, with hands near the skull and straighten the arms. Do not move the shoulder joint.

4-Slowly return to the starting position keeping tension on the band throughout the movement.

Banded Curls

Another simple movement that can be done using a long loop band, or a band with handles. As well, they can be done single arm or both arms at the same time.

1-Begin by stepping on the band with one or both feet.

2-With palm facing upward and elbow in close to the torso, curl the hand toward the shoulder.

3-Slowly return to the starting position.

By now you should have some great ideas on ways you can get ripped arms or just tone up, by doing bicep and tricep exercises at home. If you would like to buy affordable, high-quality bands to add to your home gym, visit our partner store ProSource by clicking here and use my custom code AROCK15 at checkout to save even more. Happy sculpting!

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