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Quark for the win!

Have you ever heard of QUARK? Qu-what? Unless you’ve lived in Europe you may not have, but Quark is quickly making its way into the worldwide food scene as a highly nutritious, healthy source of protein.

What is it?

Quark (German for “fresh curd”) is a German cheese made from cow’s milk curd which is drained and whipped. Curd? Yes! But make no mistake this is not cottage cheese, nor curd-like in any regard! YES it is DAIRY, which I love for its nutrient profile and clear benefits for bone health.

But what does it taste like?

The consistency of quark is decadently smooth and creamy, much like yogurt. The difference is Quark doesn’t have the tartness of yogurt. The taste is closer to that of cream cheese, almost like a cross between Greek yogurt and cottage or ricotta cheese… only silky and smooth. Elli™ makers of Elli Quark, best describe it as “cheesecake in a cup.”

So Much Protein!

Quark has about twice the amount of protein as Greek yogurt. This makes it an excellent choice for us fitness junkies looking to increase protein intake after workouts. Quark ranges between 1 and 40% fat, but the rest is pure protein!! What kind of protein? The protein in Quark is 80% casein, which is the protein of choice for evening. Because it is a slow release protein lasting longer in your system, it aids in muscle growth and recovery all night long. If you are thinking what I am thinking, THIS is THE PERFECT bedtime snack/dessert/evening SWEET TOOTH FIX!!!

But It isn’t Just for Dessert!

The versatility of this cheese is impressive. The plain variety can be added to mashed potatoes, salad dressings, cream sauces…anything that needs creaming! Paired with granola and fruit, in a smoothie, mixed with oatmeal, or in a breakfast burrito it can be a great breakfast choice as well. And, of course cakes, puddings, doughs, cheesecakes, on and on and on, you get the dessert idea!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Quark has less sodium than cottage cheese, ricotta and even cream cheese. It is high in vitamin K2, casein protein based, generally low in fat, and the calorie count is only around 100 per cup! Now Go workout and end your day with some Quark!

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