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Halloween candy: be not afraid!

Updated: Oct 28, 2017

Ok, well maybe a little fear is good. We don’t want to be TOO comfortable with that big bowl of sugar! We have worked hard for our fitness and we are making progress daily. Then along creeps this evil little holiday of CANDY, CANDY and more CANDY! How do we stay on track? Here are my best tips:

Purchase your least favorite candy!

You will be less likely to munch on any leftovers and less tempted to snack while you are passing out treats to the cute goblins on your doorstep.

Do not buy your candy early.

Wait until the day before or even the day of to make your purchase. This ensures that nothing will be opened early for sampling and snacking.

Donate or otherwise dispose of any extra candy.

You DO NOT want this lingering around your home. There are many ways to donate the leftovers, such as Operation Gratitude which sends candy to US troops.

Read the labels.

Yes, really. And give some serious thought about all the processed, artificial garbage you would be eating. Let that sink in. If it doesn’t sink far, read it again.

Pause and reflect.

Look at your before picture, or momentarily visit your goals. Remember your WHY and have a conversation with yourself about how a candy binge is not helping you reach those goals! Then grab a piece of fruit and try to soothe your craving that way.

If all else fails?

Eat the candy on Halloween and Halloween only. No exceptions here. Splurge for one night if you must. One night isn’t going to kill you. You probably even deserve it. Use moderation and get back on track IMMEDIATEY. Also, be sure to make time for a workout if you are going to indulge. Indulging on your rest day is not advised. Here is a quick but tough 12 minute FAT-BLASTING workout that you can easily fit in before or after your festivities. Happy Halloween!

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